Mt Barker classes resumes.

Classes resumed on Saturday 13 June 2020 but we have had to make changes to comply with restrictions.

COVID Marshal is Pip Hansberry.

The main changes are:
  • If you are sick or in isolationDO NOT ATTEND
  • 1.5 metres social distancing required at all times
  • Class numbers should not exceed 10 people but dependant on instructor numbers (multiple grade classes is dependent upon the number of instructors available)
  • An attendance record sheet will be completed per class
  • All dogs must remain on lead unless the instructor gives you a direction as part of the training exercise
  • No touching of any other persons dog
  • Please ensure your slip collar is on correctly as the instructor cannot assist you to change it.


  • New beginners are to report to the registration area.
  • Existing members are to report in and then immediately move to their class area.


  • All members are to immediately leave the training ground at the completion of the class.


Membership registration forms can be collected from the registration area.

  • Social distancing required whilst completing the form
  • Where possible, use your own pen.
  • Completed registration form and dogs vaccination certificate ready when returning the registration table to membership processing.
  • Once your membership is processed, move to the beginner class location (refer to the below map)


Class times remain the same

  • First session is for Beginners, Grade 1 and 2 classes and commences at 10 am.
  • Second session is for Grade 3, 4, 5 and 6 classes and commences at 11 am.

Class sizes have been reduced – only 1 instructor and 10 people with their dog are allowed in the class to train. If the person training the dog requires a carer (for example: a child), only one carer will be allowed in the immediate area.

Where possible, multiple grade classes will be run on different parts of the oval. The number of classes being run is dependent upon the number of instructors available on that day. Once maximum numbers per class have been reached, no more handlers will be accepted for that class.


If you are sick or in isolationDO NOT ATTEND.

1.5 metre social distancing is required at all times.

 On arrival, you will report in and immediately move to the instructor at the area assigned for your class to await commencement (Refer to below map).

 In class, handlers will be required to stay in a straight line and to space themselves 2 metres apart. This allows extra distance due to possible encroachment when heeling or turning.

Attendance sheets will be maintained for each class (Name and Phone number required). This allows for contact if a case of coronavirus is later identified in any of our members.

Hand sanitiser will be available for use.

Please do not allow other people (including instructors) to pat or handle your dog due to contamination issues. The exemption to this is if there is a dog fight or a dog is on the loose. Hygiene requirements are to immediately be enacted once the situation is resolved.


Stand for Examinations will only be conducted by handler examining their own dog under instructor guidance.

Off lead work is at instructor’s discretion.

Weaving exercises will be conducted but with social distancing.

Socialisation exercises of dogs sniffing each other will be conducted with handlings being at least 1.5 metres apart. Only 2 or 3 dogs interacting at a time with handlers watching at all times.

No exercises where dogs pass side by side unless handlers maintain a two metre distance.